Sunday, April 6, 2008

Road Trip...

I went on road trip Saturday. Knitters from all over Kentucky, a few from Cincy and even a couple from TN, converged on Lexington, KY. No it was not the best yarn sale ever, but it was a close second. We all came to knit and laugh with The Yarn Harlot.

My little group was missing a few but we still had a great time.

Peggy, Emma, Tabitha, me (talking on the phone to Lora), and Olivia.

It was wonderful to meet her. She is just as funny and entertaining as you would think. I found something out that made her even cooler to me than she was before. She is a doula. That takes a very special person. How wonderful it must have been for those lucky enough to have her as their doula.

Here she is taking a picture of her sock with the Lexington crowd.
Look, she is signing my book. I brought the other two Harlot books that I have. She signed them too.
We had a wonderful day.
I can't wait to do something like that again!


  1. Oh wow! Oh cool! I'm so glad you got to go!

  2. Awesome pictures! Itsn't it nice to go someplace and not feel like you're offending anyone by knitting while they speak? ha ha....

  3. It was fun to be on the phone with you during the picture!! LOL Looks like you all had a grand time!

  4. What a fun day! It looks like you all had a great time.

  5. It looks like you had a lot of fun!

    The Yarn Harlot is a doula? That is very cool!

  6. OHHH - I'm so jealous!!!! I had no idea she was going to be so close! DARN IT!

  7. Great pic of you and Stephanie! Sounds like you had a really fun time ; )

  8. Isn't the Harlot fun? I met her last year when she came to Northern California for her book tour.

  9. I'm glad you guys had a great trip! And that is too cool that Olivia is on her page! :D

  10. I'm so jealous you got to meet the Harlot! Maybe some day! Your daughter is famous!!!! Sweet!


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