Friday, April 18, 2008

No FOs here but some...

shaken objects can be found. We had a rare occurrence around here, an earthquake.

I had no idea what was going on, I just knew that Hutch was going crazy. Barking, growling running up and down the hall way. I got up to see what in the world was going on, it sounded like someone was shaking the security door trying to get in. I let both dogs out and Hutch just ran around the backyard still carrying on. I had no clue until John called me from work.
I hope it is the most excitement we have all weekend. Take a look here for a toddler's perspective. You may recognize the little guy, his birthday pictures are a few posts back.

I have been knitting just nothing new, exciting or worth mentioning.
Still struggling with my first sock. I frogged the striped one you may have seen several posts back. I did not like how the heel was turning out at all and the foot seemed loose on me. Oh, and I was beginning to get really tired of looking at that yarn. I want to look at something bright or Springy/Spring like, so I cast on some Lorna's Laces Sport in sherbet colorway. They will eventually become socks for Olivia. I am considering do the Jaywalker socks but have heard there is not much give in the pattern. I have started knitting very tightly again so not sure if that pattern will work. Then there is the fact that I would have to do some math, the pattern calls for casting on 76sts, I found a revised pattern that calls for 68 sts but to fit I would need to cast on 64 sts on size 3 needles. I you know me at all I refrain from doing any math what so ever. Math was never my strong suit, in fact I was the only senior in a freshman algebra class.
So, if any of you just love the Jaywalker socks, feel free to do some math for me. It would be great appreciated.

Added @ 12:30 We had an aftershock about an hour ago, it registered 4.2 . I new what it was this time, so it was a little scary. It sloshed some water out of our fish tank. More dogs in the neighborhood barked like crazy.


  1. The first pair of Jaywalkers I made were way too tight for me, but fortunately they were perfect on my niece. The next several pair, I cast on 84 stitches, still using a size 1 needle. Much better! If you go to this page:

    and click on "Free Jaywalker Pattern" and then click on "Making a bigger Jaywalker" they have already done the (dreadful) math for a couple of larger sizes. Hope this helps!

  2. How exciting! My parents live in southern Illinois, and they felt the earthquake, too!

  3. How bout those shakers? :) It woke me and a couple of the kids. You gotta admit the local news got a bit carried away...

    Good luck with the socks. I haven't had needles in my hands in weeks (blushing)

  4. Our Loma Prieta, the kid across the street got sloshed right out of his backyard swimming pool--whoosh!

    My favorite was the one that hit during the funeral of a guy in his mid-90's, the chandeliers swinging hard--I figured it was Al, happily waving goodbye.

  5. I slept right through the quake! Ain't nothing waking me up!!

    The aftershock - I was at the zoo - you should have seen the animals! A little weird acting for the day!

  6. Glad to hear that you're safe, at least.

    And, as for the Jaywalker really isn't too stretchy, especially the leg part. I made the large at first for myself and it was way too big. Then, when I made the smaller size, it was a bit snug, but ended up being better since they tend to fall down now and again.

    For my kiddies, I usually just do 2x2 ribbing for the leg and it works great...not fancy, but they stay up nicely, fit snugly and there's no extra math work involved : )

  7. When I heard about the quake, I thought of you and wondered if you felt it - I guess you did. Glad you're safe.


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