Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day

What did you all do today?
The kids and I, plus a friend, had lots of fun today and it only cost me $12.38. I think that was the least money I have ever spent to entertain 4 kids for 5.5 hours. First we went to the local dollar movies, which are only .50 on Mondays to see the latest Indiana Jones. Well I think most of the county had the same idea. We got to the theater and the line was out the door, down the sidewalk and into the parking lot. It was a long line and it was very hot, so we had to make a quick change of plans. The kids and I headed over to Bass Pro Shop. There everyone took turns on the shooting range. Then we went to the boat area and pretended to drive the boats and fish. The pontoon I really liked was on sale for a mere $24,000. We still had some time to kill until the next showing so we spent about 15 mins. trying to decide where to get something to eat. Don Pablo's was the winner. We did snack, chips salsa, dip sampler, drinks and something from the lunch menu. I have a Habenero Card with $10 off your next visit, so with tip our snack cost $9.88.
So we headed back to the movies to see the next show time. I wish I had brought my knitting because we still had about a 30 min wait.
Let's do the math: 5 people @ .50 each is only.......$2.50! You can hardly rent a movie for that price and certainly not a new release.

Fun with kids- priceless


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