Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Dogs on Thursday

The Snip Clinic had 65 dogs signed up to be neutered. They were very busy getting everyone registered, I saw lots and lots of dogs, some big, some little even a few very tiny ones. Someone had a t-shirt special made for their dog. It said "I got my nuts off at Hooters", I don't know what I was thinking but I was very shocked that someone would put that on their baby, I was thinking a human baby. It was a small t-shirt and I assumed it was a onesie. Duh it was for the dog! I have big dogs so we don't dress them. Oh, except that one time but I don't think Starsky would want me to talk about that. They had a few drawings while we waited in line. I won a Hooters leash and bandanna .
They offered other services at reduced rates too, so I had Starksy micro-chipped. It only cost $15.
I left my dog in the good hands of the snip clinic folks, and planned to pick him up the next morning (Sat.) back at Hooters. Well, I got a call early Saturday morning saying that Starsky had ripped everything open during the night, now they had to stitch him up again. He ended up staying until Monday morning. Boy was he ready to go home! They said he was a very sweet dog but not happy at all to have been there. I bet he barked and never stopped. Here are a few of the dogs waiting to be handed over to receive the big snip. It was very loud with all of the barking and whining. The other dogs made some noise too. Starsky circled in the crate almost the entire time he had to wait. When if was finally Starsky's turn I got him out of the crate and took him to the registration table and the first thing he did was pee on the back of a chair one of the ladies was sitting in. I thought I was gonna die! She laughed it off saying that it happens all of the time.

I had a few people upset that I did not take any pictures of the Hooter girls. I was there for the dogs and the dogs only.

So with the addition of the cone, some antibiotics and his micro-chipping the grand total was $52. So much cheaper than any vet around. They suggest a follow up visit with your vet. I called and the office visit just to look at him will be $40. If I could afford that I would have had all the stuff done at our vet.

It was a nightmare to deal with him wearing the cone. He knocked things off of the table, knocked a broom and mop down on himself. Boy you had better be paying close attention when letting him in. He would come running in the back door and take you down too. I lost track of

how many times he hit me in the back of the knees.

Here is John wearing the free t-shirt everyone received. A few of the more"refined" people refused theirs. And don't you know it, they would not give those of us that did want one any of the extras.
We took the cone off just a few days ago. He is healing nicely but still very swollen. Almost looks like the forgot to take them out. I asked John if he thought I should ice it, he laughed and said he would like to see me try to put ice on the dog. Well, ice does take down swelling. No, I didn't try.


  1. Hmmm, I might have tried icing if he looked swollen and uncomfortable. Neither of my male dogs had any problems. But when Lucy pulled a muscle in her hip, we would let her lay on the couch with hubby, her head in his lap and ice on her hip. It worked! g

  2. John looks so thrilled and "refined" in his new tshirt! LMAO!!!! Give Starsky a gentle hugs from us.

  3. Awww, poor little guy. When Cooper was "fixed" he was a bit swollen for a couple of days, too, but I never though of ice... Just the thought of icing him down there gives me chills! (Sorry - I couldn't help myself.)

  4. We used to have a rescue Westie that had serious skin problems and had to wear a cone almost all the time. I got swollen ankles from her hitting me all day long! My boys can't stand the cone at all. Fortunately when Bucky was neutered he was miserable for only a day. Trinket came to us already snipped.

  5. Spunky the cat had to wear a cone when he was fixed and fell off the dresser he tried to jump on...he also couldn't get inside the litter box so we had to take the lid off for him...he gave us such evil looks during that time but pups seem to take the cone thing much better. I'm so glad things went well at the SNIP Clinic. Love the shirt too. Bet he will get some reactions over the back of the shirt too. :)

  6. One of my dogs ate through her stitches while I was at work - very scary to come home too! Glad your baby was there when it happened!

    And man, those coned-headed dogs ARE dangerous! They can hit your leg at an angle that makes your legs buckle! The best time though was our one dog who would get stuck with the cone towards the wall - she couldnt figure out how to back up - I laughed for HOURS! Poor baby!

  7. ok, so no pics of any Hooter girls, but your hubby fills out the t-shirt nice enough, but he probably won't pass for aHooter girl!!! BTW thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! Pre-she-ate-it!

  8. oh poor guy!
    I am glad for these clinics!
    We have a great one here and I even got a multi pet discount a few years ago when I had all the cats done at the same time!
    It was our vet that we have gone to for years that retired and opened the clinic.
    He is the best vet ever! We even had all the pets micro chipped and it was waaaay cheaper to do that at the clinic than the other vets by half the cost!

  9. I can't say I'm a big fan of Hooters (which, interestingly, have all gone out of business in this area), but I'm feeling a bit warmer towards them for getting involved in this type of thing. And I love that shirt. . . I would have wanted one, too!

  10. Well, he's definitely got an umbrella in that last photo, anyway.

  11. they should have this kind of thing for humans too...haha...


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