Thursday, September 18, 2008

When the wind blows......

the trees will fall.

It has been a very long week. On Sept. 14, a very ordinary Sunday, we had a wind storm that really shook things up.

This is from the 9/15/ edition of local paper.

The Louisville area was pummeled yesterday with 70 mph winds that left hundreds of thousands without power.

The damage, which prompted Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear to declare a state of emergency, was so extensive that officials said thousands of residents could be without power for up to a week.

Dispatchers in Clark and Floyd counties in Indiana also reported widespread damage and some non life-threatening injuries in both counties. Interstate 65 was shut down in at least one direction in Clark County near Sellersburg for several hours.

Nearly 173,458 customers of Duke Energy were without power in Indiana at 11 p.m., including 26,612 customers in Clark County and 19,846 in Floyd County.

I know it could have been much worse. We lost power for only about 30 hours, my parents are still sitting in the dark. I think ours came back on so quickly because we live just a few blocks from the local jail. If you drive 1/8 of a mile down my street, there is no power. Go about 1/2 mile down the street and power is every where. There does not seem to be much rhyme or reason as to one side of the street having power and the other side, none. I have heard talk of houses next to each other, one has power and not the other. Trees are down, telephone poles bent over and shingles flying off houses like newspapers blowing in the wind. We actually had a neighbor get hit by some of our shingles while talking to John in the yard. We lost everything in our upright freezer, not to mention the stuff in the fridge. It will take several shopping trips to fill them both back up. May have to spread it out over the next month.

the tree pictured above is about 3 blocks away.
As you can see it is enormous, it brought up over a 6 foot section of earth with concrete on the side. It fell between the two houses. It did take out a small storage shed.
The school will be open on Monday, it will be nice to get them back. We have had way too much togetherness this week.


  1. Oh my! That is some serious storm damage. I'm sorry to hear about your food losses, but very glad to hear that you and yours are all right.

  2. WOW, THAT WAS ONE BIG TREE!We have the majority of ours cut and stacked for winter. 4 more trees to go...Did you see the pole by Grinny Possum?

  3. omg - was that from hurricane Ike? I t almost looks like what happens when a tornado passes through. Glad everyone is ok - food is replaceable!!

  4. Geesh! That must have been terrifying! I'm glad everyone is fine, though.

  5. OMG...look at that tree! Hope everyone was okay....

  6. Wow--that's incredible. I'm so glad you guys came away without too much damage (although I can understand the frustration in losing all the food from the fridge and freezer). Glad you are safe.

  7. That was crazy - wasn't it! There is no describing what happened with words! Glad to hear your electric wasn't an issue & hope by now your parents are back up!!!!

  8. Wow...crazy!!! That's a big tree!!!

    Hope all is better!


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