Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Tuesday night knitting

Here we are all together again. Holly, Tabitha and Ruth were missing but we hope to see them back very soon. Stacy is going to try join us at least once a month. There were two ladies knitting at the table behind us. We had never seen them before, they may try to join us next time.

Look at Loretta, her round dishcloth is as pretty as she is. I got to see pictures from her visit to Lora and the boys. I loved hearing about what a great time they all had. I can not wait for summer to get here. Lora and the family will be here for a long visit.

Last week the mailman was my favorite person. He brought me something wonderful from Gina.
I have never even seen Socks That Rock (sherbet colorway) yarn in person. It is as wonderful as all the talk. I love the colors. You may be wondering why she sent me something so wonderful....I had a good idea. I wonder what I would get if I had a GREAT idea.

Thank you so much Gina!
You are as cool as this yarn :)


  1. Have you seen how many people are doing the Amanda hat on Ravelry!!!!??? It's amazing! Glad you and Gina had a little talk and got that hat going!! I still haven't knit one yet, but there's time.

  2. It looks like you have just as fun at your knit nights as we do at our Sunday afternoon Knit"erings" (gatherings for those of you not speaking knit"ish") We meet at a local coffee shop and liven up the place with chatter, laughter and clicking :)

  3. I miss knitting with you guys! I'm supposed to be meeting someone from Rav and knitting next Wednesday though. Also, I'll likely be knitting at the shop tomorrow.

    I have been busy in my time away. You should look at the blog and see what I've been up to!

    Tell everyone I said hello!

  4. So happy you liked it and I have to thank Lora, too, since she gave me the hint that you hadn't any STR. And, I thought, that's a sin! Love seeing your knitting night pics...


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