Thursday, March 13, 2008

Dogs on Thursday

The weather in the Ohio River Valley is so bizarre.

These pics are from one week ago.

This is the very interesting snow formation on the garage roof.
Starsky and Hutch really seem to enjoy themselves out in the snow. They did not want to stay in the house for very long.

Now that almost all of the snow has melted everything is a big muddy mess.

Today it was 68 degrees. You never know, it may snow again next week.


  1. Starsky and Hutch look like they were having a ball!!

  2. Sounds like here in Virginia only we didn't get the snow you had. We've been alternating between really warm and really cold all winter.

  3. Thank you for the nice comment about Trinket. Looks like your pups had lots of fun in the snow! It was in the 70s for couple of weeks but another rain storm is comeing this weekend.

  4. The snow makes everything look and smell different. What fun when you're a pup. As for the weather. Oh, boy, you got that right!

  5. That snow makes me shiver just to look at it. I so remember the days! I have a picture somewhere of my sister iceskating on our iced-over driveway.

  6. They look like they are having fun. Hope you get some spring weather soon. :)


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