Saturday, March 1, 2008

knitting in the woods- part two

Holly with her amazing hat and scerf

Sandi and Kate, knitting away. They were one of three mother daughter duos we had at the retreat.

Here we have a mini class on intarsia.
Ann's little heart.

A perfect heart from Becca.
Everyone listening intently as Mary talks about keeping the yarn separated.
One of the projects I worked on over the weekend. I made the hat for Eli last Fall. He asked me if I could add some ear flaps.
Liz is sharing that magical world that is Ravelry. I know we had several sign up that weekend.

We had so much fun that there is talk of trying to make this a twice a year outing. I could go for that. I bet Wooded Glen is beautiful in the Fall.

This is the wonderful little covered bridge you cross when coming and going from Wooded Glen. It is so picturesque with the snow. I have only been here in the winter so I don't know if it is as beautiful during the other seasons.


  1. love the new photos :) Looks like so much fun

  2. Looks like a good time Sonya!

    I am enjoying Mom and Dad so much!! I'm glad they came to visit!

  3. I bet the area WOULD be beautiful in the fall :D Thanks for sharing all the's like we were there!

  4. Your retreat sounds lovely. My local group does an annual retreat too and this year we might have to look for a new place. (see my early January entries for our latest adventure)

  5. OH, wow! You should really create a scrapbook out of all these great pictures!


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