Monday, May 21, 2007

I was tagged, twice while I was out of town...

Being tagged twice do I have to come up with 14 things? Well, I can try.
Where should I begin?
1. I am extremely afraid of birds. Phobic with a capital P.

2. I have only had two serious relationships.

3. As a kid I loved peanut butter and mustard sandwiches. Still eat them sometimes.

4. The only operation I have ever had is when I got my tonsils out. I was 33.

5. I love a good horror movie.

6. In the early 90s I owned a pink Geo Tracker convertible. Friends called it my Barbie car.

7. I cannot stand to see people chewing gum.

8. My favorite pet ever was my dog Woodstock. He looked just like Lassie.

9. I was pregnant and or breastfeeding for 8 years.

10.I married my husband about 5 months after our first date.

11.I wanted to be a veternarian when I grew up.

12.I don't think there has been any decent new music made in over ten years.

13.I own and have read 21 Dean Koontz books.

14. I used to read all the time, but now I knit all the time.
Whew, did not know if I could come up with 14 things.

Now to tag 7 of you.
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If you have been tagged before it just shows how much we all like you.
Now for the fine print:
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  1. Ive been on blogger for a day and I've already been tagged?! How exciting!!!

  2. When I was pregnant I threw up for a total of just over a year :) It was worth it,

  3. I got the tag! Mine will be up shortly.

  4. You have the best list! But I have an important question: Is "The Birds" the scariest horror movie ever?

  5. I was young when I saw it, so it did not help at all.
    I have a specific story as to why I am afraid of birds. Maybe I will tell it sometime.

  6. Okay....I loved reading these things about you.

    I also love horror movies but the mustard and pb? Mustard?? You're corrupting the poor pb!!!

    And, the breastfeeding I can sympathize with. 3 years for Tim and 4 for Ben...not quite 8, but close. I kinda miss it now.....

  7. A peanut butter and mustard sandwhich was my grandpa's sandwhich. He started giving them to me when I was about 6. It was our thing.

  8. Damn! I was coming over here to tag your butt and here you are, already hung up to dry. Not fair.
    My Grampie got me hooked on olive and cream cheese sammiches on pumpernickel bread. Now that'll put hair on your chest!!
    I love scary movies too, except the ones with kids in them. Like Pet Sematary - couldn't even watch it. I hate seeing kids act evil or be acted upon evilly.
    Scariest movie ever? Hmmmm - how about the original "The Shining"???

  9. I read The Shining when I was young and had to sleep with the light one for a few weeks.


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