Thursday, May 24, 2007

It was a wild and wooly weekend.....well sorta

It started out great. Beautiful traveling weather, packed the van to the gills. Jemima came over, we left to pick up Meagan, then Holly. Then we were on our way. We got about 45 miles outside of Louisville and following Mapquest directions got completely totally lost. We had a good laugh about it, met some interesting characters along the way. We stopped and asked directions a few times. When these two fellas asked where we were going, I said "Tennessee". That elicited lots of laughter. Lets see, while lost we backed up a couple hundred feet on the side of the highway, we had missed a turn. Made a couple uees in the grassy median of the expressway and was itching to pass a truck painting the road so much, I got white paint on my tire and wheel well. But we finally made it. Our almost 300 mile trip became an almost 400 mile trip by the time we drove down the gravel driveway.

We had a fun filled weekend of knitting, spinning, (Stacy & Holly playing checkers)
drinking,hot tubing, knitting, drinking karaoke and games.(Meagan, Tabitha, Kirstie playing scrabble)
Some of them sang much better than me. (I gave it a good try though. We were missing someone, and she knows who I am talking about. It would have made a great weekend better.

We visited the Highland Winery We had a good time, it was a very pretty winery. Between the 7 of us that toured the winery, we came away with two cases of wine. I bought some really great cheese, black pepper cheese. The owner was almost insistant that we buy these ball caps that said "Wild Women on Wine" It was a cool hat but not at $18 a piece. She got more than enough of our money. I have some more for you, but the rest can wait for another day.
Holly of drivebyknitting will have some pics and stuff up soon.


  1. Oh my gawd!!!! I missed a rockin' weekend I can just tell!! Great pictures! Man Tab's hair is long!

  2. Looks like you guys had a wonderful time. Besides getting lost. But I bet you all made even that fun. That was a beautiful location for it. But, unless Holly posts different pictures, I don't see a lot of knitting going on, I do see a lot of something else going on. :) Maybe that is why no knitting? You didn't to slip a stitch? :)

  3. Looks like y'all know how to have a blast - I really hope you will be able to join us at the Grand View this fall. A warning - the sober ones are the ones who tend to act up (like shooting a very full moon at the drunks, for example... who were too stoopid to grab a camera). Sounds like you will meld naturally with the ManchVegas Knitters! You and Lora can lead the songfest - she did an awesome job last time!


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