Sunday, May 13, 2007

Ok, Ok

It has been sometime since I was here. This has been a crazy week. We had three different drs. appointments, I spent the entire school day on Friday helping with field day. Got a sunburn for my efforts. I have wrestled on and off with the sewing machine. I got the bright idea of making Mother's Day gifts for several mothers I know. I have been following this tutorial, it seems simple enough. I should have just stayed with knitting. On one side of the pouch is a photo of that recipient's child or grandchild. I printed the pictures on a home printer using inkjet fabric sheets. The six lined zippered pouches that I made are completely flawed to the point that I almost don't want to give them as gifts. I finished my second Amandalace headband. I gave it to my niece, Zoe for her b-day yesterday. I forgot my camera of course, so I am waiting for my brother to send me a pic.
The kids only have 7 days of school left. Then the chaos will ensue.

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  1. I'm sure the coin purses are wonderful and the ladies loved them! With the picture on them, they'll totally see past any other flaw! You did a great job I'm sure!


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