Thursday, June 5, 2008

Dogs on Thursday

It has been a long time since the last DOT post. Don't worry Starsky and Hutch are just fine, I have been pretty busy. We have had an opossum family move into the backyard. Not very smart on the moms part. They tormented the dogs for about two weeks. Well yesterday about 6:30 in the am they (both dogs) caught and killed a baby one. It was quite traumatic for me to see. Possums are nasty evil looking creatures, with their beady eyes and sharp teeth, but I still did not want to see it killed by my sweet dogs. I was not surprised that Starsky went after it, but not my sweet fancy boy Hutch.
Don't worry I took no pictures of the carnage. Just the view I have while sitting at my computer.

Oh and this one. Starsky has a football that does not belong to him. I saved the ball after I took this picture.

These two belong to my sister Marla and her SO Alan. Rosie is a Yellow Lab mix. She is just as adorable as she looks. Her big sister is Lucy. She is the only dog I have met in my entire life that does not like me. I have tried everything, giving her toy, a huge bone still does not like me. Lucy is a Rhodesian Ridgeback mix.


  1. Awh!! All of the dogs are so cute! I loved your pictures. Really nice post.

  2. Fuzzy puppy is soooo cute!!

    Yes, my dogs are Boxers. Lailah is one year old;Max is 10.


  3. Poor Lucy has serious issues, huh? Thanks for the pics of the "kids". I've missed seeing them. And, the baby possum? Try and think of it as Darwinian theory in action.

  4. ahhhh! I love puppy pics!
    All are great looking dogs.

    I think if my Elise had the chance she would tear apart a squirrel if she ever caught one.

    Starsky and Hutch look so sweet this week!

  5. Yes, it's traumatic when they "make a kill" but it's in their nature. The most recent casualty here was a baby bunny... Very sad.

  6. Four out of the five years we've been in our current house, we've had bunnies nest in our backyard. Three of those four years, at least one baby has been attacked. I definitely understand that trauma. This year, however, maybe the "dumb bunnies" (our technical term for these parents) learned, because we didn't find any nests or babies. :-)

    Starsky may have had a football that didn't belong to him, but it looks like Hutch also had something not his...a leg, perhaps? ;-)

  7. Starsky & Hutch--I love the names! They are very nice looking pups, by the way.

  8. Great pics... sorry about Mr Possum......


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