Tuesday, June 24, 2008

What kind of shoes are you??

I need to come up with one of those blog quizzes. The quiz would help you determine what kind of shoes you are.

Are you flip flops, flats, heels, boots, pointy toes, sparkly, tennis shoes, Crocs or are you just a barefoot kinda person??
According to my boys I am not a sparkly shoe person, but my older sister is.

Last week I was shopping with the boys at Target and saw a pair of sparkly shoes. Silver sparkly slip on Converse, not the regular slip ones, it had a little wedge heel. I stopped and oohed and aahed them, liking them very much. While looking for my size (which I can hardly ever find) it gets pointed out to me that I am not sparkly shoes, Aunt Shelley is but not me. The other one carefully reads me the price. Mommy those shoes are $29.99, that is too much. He then offers some pink polka dot ones that are only $19.99. I am also reminded that daddy says I have too many shoes already. I find myself getting quite huffy saying that I can be sparkly shoes if I want to be. And if I really want them then $29.99 is not too much. This conversation continues in this manner for at least 10 minutes or so. Them "no you're not" me "yes I am" them "those are Aunt Shelley shoes" me "I'll get them if I want to"
Unfortunately I could not find the sparkly shoes in my size.
Fast forward to just a few days ago. New Target, new shopping buddies (my mom and Olivia) and there they were in all of their sparkling glory....on sale!
I found the magic number.
My younger sister is getting them for my July birthday.

See, I can be sparkly shoes if I want to.


  1. : )
    You wear those sparkly shoes with pride.

  2. I love this story. Everybody derserves a pair of sparkly shoes.

  3. Sparkle On Sonya!!! Sparkle on!!

  4. Cracked me up. If you feel like sparkly shoes, then you are sparkly shoes;-)

  5. Cool! Everyone should have a pair of sparkly shoes. :->

  6. Great story! Me - I'm a flip flop girl! An Old Navy Flip Flop girl to be exact :-)

  7. I bet you wear those sparkly shoes a lot. A few years ago I bought some shoes that I loved, but didn't know if I had the guts to wear. Know what? I not only wore them, I wore them out!


  8. Sparkly shoes are so girly, I think only girls can appreciate them.

    Boys are really not the best shopping buddies. sigh ....

  9. I love your stories! This one gave me a big, sparkly smile. And I'm definitely a Crocs kinda girl, but like pointy-toe boots a lot too.


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