Saturday, June 21, 2008

A Saturday Shower

My brother Jason, has finally found a wonderful woman to share his life with. I used to tease him and say that he was waiting for the girlfriend fairy to drop one off at his door.
Jason & Becca have been together for more than a year and are getting married in August. He is getting a bonus, along with Becca comes an adorable 5 year old boy.

The very beautiful Becca and her lovely mother Pansy.

This is my sister Shelley, her foot and an F-150 truck tire tired to occupy the same space at the same time. We hope she will be back on her feet soon.
Olivia and my cousin Lauren. She turned 21 several months back. How did that happen??

She was registered at Victoria's Secret. You can only access the registry online. Apparently they do not update the items at all. Becca ended up with three brown and pink dresses, two pairs of the same sandals, two of the same nighties and bras. So I personally would not recommend registering at Victoria's Secret.
I almost forgot the kicker, on-line purchases cannot be taken back to a store. What a pain in the butt this is going to be.
This green dress has to be one of the most beautiful things she opened. Becca will be just gorgeous as she and my brother stroll down the lane on their honeymoon.


  1. Looks like a fun day!! Glad your brother found someone you love! It's good when they marry someone you like! Makes the family SO FUN!

  2. Looks and sounds like you had a lovely time. And, congrats to your brother!

  3. Looks like so much fun! But what a total PITA about VS and the registry. You have a beautiful family!

  4. Thank you Sonya! Love the pictures! Your comments were so sweet! I feel blessed to be a part of your family. I had a wonderful time and hope that everyone else did too! Now, about VS...Guess I better get a big box and some tape and...hope they reimburse for shipping and handling!
    Love ya!
    Becca Baldwin

  5. Your family is beautiful! I can't get over how much Olivia looks like you.

  6. she's cute! and after that info, i don't think i'd ever register with VS!

  7. She's beautiful! Best wishes for the wedding and marriage!


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