Saturday, June 7, 2008

HHFF-did you bring your boat?

I don't even know where to start. Let me go back to the is too much....Let me sum up... Prince Humperdink is gonna marry Buttercup in little less than half a hour. No no that's the wrong story. (Focus, you can watch PB later)

We were a little behind starting out because my mom is still on her Florida retirement schedule. She's not eager to be up and on the go by 8:00 in the morning. But that is ok, she is home with us for now so I can let a little tardiness slid by. Anyway we were traveling with a wonderful group of ladies and they did not mind a bit of a delay.

So we were headed on the highway looking for adventure.........and lo and behold we found it about an hour up I-65. There was rain, lightening, some more rain, no visibility, lots more rain, and lightening, did I mention the lightening? You know how you can't keep your eyes open when you sneeze, well I have that same problem when driving in lightening. Also made little scared noises and let a few shits and damns loose. Right about this time one of my passengers looks on her phone and tells me that this area has had about 1,000 lightening strikes in the past 10 minutes. I will admit, I needed to get out of the car. So we spent a little time at a Marathon Station. When we did get back on the road, we had only had a couple more exits to go. We were finally in Franklin, IN (just south of Indianapolis) and found out that you can't get there from here. There was severe flooding in the town and some (most) of road were closed.

Now we were on a quest for fiber and yarn. After a brief discussion and a vote we decided that we were not going to let a little water stop us from getting to the Hoosier Hills Fiber Festival. In retrospect that may have not been the most wise decision, none the less we were determined to find a way to the yarn. The alternate route was a little out of the way but it gave us a great view of lots and lots of water. A cheer went up when we finally turned on Fairgrounds road. Everyone was soggy but in high spirits, we had made it to the yarn. It was a dismal sight but parking was good

Becca found a wheel to play with.

We did not see her until much later.

Some lovely fiber and hats.

Here we have some slightly damp angora bunnies.

There was much discussion at the fiber festival about how many of us were going to get home. If you needed to go south you were out of luck. A 50 mile stretch of I-65 South was closed and so was US 31. Many of the back country roads that would have taken us south were underwater. We talked about getting a hotel and waiting until today, driving about 100 miles out of the way, towards Cincinnati, and coming I-64 into Louisville. After stopping for dinner and later a DQ break we were able to find an open road that would take us south of Columbus where we could get on I-65 .
Central Indiana got about 10 inches of rain. Flood water reached the first floor of the Johnson Memorial Hospital in Franklin. The Hospital is several blocks from the fairgrounds where the fiber festival was held.
I have more but I am wore out all over again just from telling you. Many many hours were spent in the car. Come back by later.


  1. Holy Cow, that's dedication. I can't believe you all kept on going! Can't wait to hear the rest of the story.

  2. I meant to tell you that the actress Karen Allen, who played Indiana Jones' love interest in both "Raiders" and the new movie that is out, is an avid knitter. She has her own company called Karen Allen Fiber Arts. The website is cool. She commented that knitting gives your hands a way to use up energy all the while keeping your mind free. Check it out! Oh, and glad you made it out alive yesterday!

  3. I couldn't have said it better myself.

  4. Now that is what I call commitment! SO glad to hear you had a good time and made it home. =-)

  5. That sounded like quite an ordeal. I'm glad you all made it home safe. Adventure is good - most of the time.

  6. Loved the Bruce Springsteen reference, and adventure you got! Glad you got to go, glad you got home, glad you took pictures so we could go too while leaving all the hassle part of it to you (sorry!)

    While part of my Californiafied East Coaster's brain wants to whine, in a little kid's voice, rain? She got to have rain, real rain!? Can I have some too, Mommy, I remember rain...

  7. Wow, now thats dedication! sounds like a long but fiber fun day! By the look of the photos you needed oars as well! Glad you all made it back safe. Thats a true fiberholic!


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