Monday, June 9, 2008

The rest of the story....

about the HHFF adventure. We saw a tractor trailer lying on its' side in a soybean field next to the expressway. A fifth wheel motor home was in the median on its' side still attached to the truck that had all four tires on the ground. We were on our way to eat at Cheeseburger in Paradise, right outside of Indy, when I saw a fish flopping in the middle of the road. Yes, I said a fish. A hotel pond was so flooded that fish washed over the banks. We saw lots of children playing in the flooded streets. Some of the water was up to their waists. The parents were watching from porches. On a few of the roads we saw miles of bumper to bumper cars.
We were able to drive the last 30 miles home on I-65 S. A total of sixteen state police cars were seen heading north.

We did not come home empty handed, at least mom and I did not.

I brought the white alpaca finger puppet home for Eli. He had wanted the

ones I got in my "swap on a budget" package. Here are two hand painted skeins from "A Good Yarn" in Greenwood, Indiana. The green hues is 352 yards of 100% superwash Merino. The blues are not superwash. I will have to be more careful with that one.

This incredibly beautiful braid of fiber is 8 ounces of hand dyed 70% wool, 30% seacell from the extremely talented hands of Creative. Go have a look, it's worth it. I'll wait.

No this is not for me (oh how I wish it was). Nicole was not able to come with us, so she gave me some money and instructions last week at Tuesday night knitting. I hope she loves it. It's hard to pick something out for someone else. She definitely did not want any pastels.

This shiny rayon is going to be a One Skein Coin Bag. Mom bought it for me to knit for her from a dad and his two daughters. The daughters had made earrings and necklaces to sell. They also had cat toys filled with catnip.

I'm not even sure of all the stuff that mom got. I do know that she got a hat form and some roving for a new style felted hat.


  1. That is some goooood lookin' stash there...better hide it before I get to KY!

  2. You got some terrific goodies there and I'm so glad you are safe. Your storms and flooding are pretty frightening.

  3. you girls are some serious yarn hunters! i'm glad you had a safe trip in all that rain!

  4. I LOVE the lady at Creatively Dyed Yarns! I met her at Stitches East, then she came to Stitches West for the first time so I got to see her again, and she is such a sweetheart! And her yarns are gorgeous. She puts so much color into her work.

  5. Thank you for choosing my fiber as one of the yarns you bought. I have to say that this past weekend was not boring.


  6. What an amazing story! I really enjoyed reading it. And the yarns are beautiful.


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