Friday, April 20, 2007

Big plans for the weekend

Alex has found the world of Webkinzs and I may never get my computer back. He has been playing for days now and if your friends have webkinzs then you'll can chat together. It is interesting but I can see it becoming an obsession. Tomorrow marks the beginning of Derby festival. Thunder over Louisville is a huge airshow and then one of the biggest fireworks show in the country. Thousands and thousands of people come to see Thunder Over Louisville. There are signs like the one above all over down town Jeff.It is insanity. One of the two bridges that connects Jeffersonville to Louisville, KY will be closed starting this evening and all day tomorrow. The fireworks are launched from the bridge. Traffic is stopped on the surrounding expressways and the other bridge during the fireworks. Traffic is so bad after the fireworks that a normally 15 minute drive will take almost an hour. Don't even think about trying to go across to Louisville.The Ohio river is over flood stage so some of the prime viewing areas are not available. We are so close to the bridge that we can see all of the high fireworks from our yard. The jets that fly over the river during the airshow, turn north to head back and pass right over our house. They have started practicing today. The jets fly very low, Hutch is scared to death of the noise. We are homebase for the family tomorrow.
They will park here and walk down to the river. We are going to grill out, have beer and ice cream and cake. John will be 42 on Saturday. Sounds kinda of strange to say that I am married to a 42 year old man. I tell him every year, that this may be the year that he becomes too old for me.


  1. OMG 42!!! You married and OLD man Sonya!! tee hee... I guess at this point and time I'm glad I'm over a 1000 miles away or John would kill me LOL!

  2. Hi, Sonya! Visiting your blog from Juli's Jots. I had to comment about your post where you mentioned your son getting a Webkinz and that you think you may never be able to get your computer back...Oh my goodness, can I relate! Talk about an obsession! Both of my girls have a Webkinz pet (a horse and a tiger) and now they want another. "What for?!" I ask. All I see is another dust-collector. But I try to put away that "mommy" side of me and see it from their point of view. But yes, they can spend a lot of time on the computer with the Webkinz site. I try to curb their time online by using it as a "reward" when they are caught doing something helpful around the house, or playing nice with each other, etc. And I DEFINITELY use it to punish, restricting them from it for a day or whatever!

    Oh, and they already have my 2 year old son playing "Antz" on Webkinz, an arcade game! I couldn't believe it when I saw him sitting there, his hand over the "mouse", moving it and "clicking" to move his "ant" on the screen and actually PLAYING the game! Wow!

    Good luck! And have fun!

  3. Karla, so far it seems like harmless fun, but it is a new tool to use. He likes to do the Quizzy word game. He wants me to keep playing it when he goes to bed so I can get him more webkinz cash.
    The young ones grow up so much faster when they are trying to keep up. Thanks for stopping by. Come back soon.


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