Sunday, April 1, 2007

I want one......Please!

I spent the morning with Holly. Wanna know where we went. Come on I know you do. We walked around oohing and aahing, petting and touching the softest, sweetest creatures. You saw the pictures, but I bet you guessed alpacas. This was my first alpaca show and it was wonderful. Holly has been to quite a few and said this one was on the small side. We saw alpacas from Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, Wisconsin, Tennessee and Michigan.
Looks like Holly found true love
We debated as to whether we should take the picture of the newly shorn guy. I think he knew he was naked.

They made the neatest little sounds, like humming. I watched, the sound is a nasal thing. Oh and a couple of them must have been allergic to themselves. I saw some sneezing going on. A day of the show sale price was $1000. Some of the others were $2000, $4000 and $8000. A real beauty that was a blue ribbon winner was $16,800.
I have it all planned out. Holly, Tabitha, Stacy and I and maybe Lora can go in on one of the $2000 guys. That would be about $400 a piece. Stacy has moved out in the country so he could live there. Holly and soon Tabitha, can spin it for us. Then next year we can get a girl, and before we know it, we'll have our own little herd. Ya, that's the ticket. It could happen!


  1. Sooo cute! And useful too. But until you get one, Hutch's fur looks like it might spin up nicely...

  2. Oh, aren't Alpacas wonderful??? They are the cutest, cuddliest little guys...and their sweet. If I had a farm, I'd be getting at least one alpaca...or maybe a llama....or maybe....both!

  3. What great pics!! I wish I could have went with you guys! And that is an awesome idea you have Sonya, but if the hubby won't let me spend $400 on a wheel, do you really think I'm gonna get to spend $400 for an alpaca, lol :)

  4. I just LOVE Alpacas - their little lips are so cute. The naked one looks so embarassed, though.

  5. The freshly shorn baby is so cute! Did you get to buy any of the fiber from them?

  6. Nope. No fiber no yarn. I tried to be good. I did come home with a pair of size 10 square knitting needles.

  7. oh how fun!! I'm up for stock in an alpaca!! I'm sure mom would let you keep it on they land in Grayson County if Stacy's not up to it with the pregnancy and all! haha.
    I'd keep it here but I think the landlord would frown on an Alpaca. *sigh*


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