Wednesday, April 25, 2007

In my neighborhood...Just down the street and take a left

The Howard Steamboat Museum
I was in the History Club in middle school, I know so were the other geeks. But it was really lots of fun. We took a special tour through the museum. The museum was a stop on the underground railroad. There is a tunnel from the cellar of the mansion that leads to the bank of the Ohio river. In the cellar there are also a few jail cells that usually held drunken sailors. It is a great place to take older kids that know to "look with your eyes not your hands"


  1. OOO Can we go there when I come home this summer?!? How odd I never knew about this place!! OH I bet it would be so cool!!

  2. Sure we can go. I think I failed to mention that the cellar is not on the regular tour.

  3. What a beautiful old building!

  4. I love that building. We have one here in Manchester (not far from where Miss. Lora lives!) that used to house the Red Cross Manchester, NH branch. It looks VERY similar.

  5. That museum building is gorgeous!!! Do you think they'd mind if I moved in?

  6. What a neat looking building. It seems we have very similar interests. I am going to start exploring some of the ones in my area.
    Thanks for visiting my blog! :-)


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