Wednesday, April 11, 2007

What have you been thinking about today?

Things I think about. In no particular order, my kids, knitting, my dog, hubby, will my windshield wipers ever stop coming on just because I used the turn signal. I imagine myself ripping the turn signal arm off and throwing it out the window. My 4 slice bagel sized toaster bit the dust Monday. Eli was very worried about how he was going to get the blueberry bagel with cream cheese that was for his first breakfast. Not to be confused with second breakfast or some days third breakfast. I broiled it in the oven. Gotta stay right with it or it burns to a crisp.
Is the laundry fairy ever coming to my house?
Will I make it through, or will the light turn red?
Is it really empty, or can I go 5 more miles?
I know someone out there has thought of this before but I was thinking today about knitting, knitting portrayed on TV, movies and in some books. I came up with MASH, Hawkeye and Hotlips. She started with a scarf that became a
sweater then an afghan. On Clifford's puppy days Nina knit a sweater for her dog Jorge. Then her abuela says she will teach her and Emily Elizabeth to knit. Another abuela knits on the show Maya & Miguel. Everyone but me saw the knitting episode on Gilmore Girls. Can't forget Gray's Anatomy. In the movie Hoodwinked Red's grandma knits. Wallace and Grommit
Veggie Tales: Larry Boy and the Angry Eyebrows has to be the cutest portrayal of knitting without ever seeing a needle. The Knitmaster 3000 is invented, it recycles the hair that collects in your bath tub drain and turns it into a freshly knitted night cap. In the children's book by Mercer Mayer Professor Wormbog in Search for the Zipperump-a-Zoo. Prof. Wormbog knits a very long stocking while waiting in a tree hoping to catch the elusive Zipperump-a-Zoo. I know there has to be more but that is all for now. Maybe I will have some actual knitting content in the next day or two.


  1. In the show the Golden Girls Sophia does crochet.

    You know a lot more knitting things than I could have remembered!

  2. I was watching What about Jim the other day online and there's an episode where the girls are playing basket ball and the Mom, Courtney whatever her last name is, is sitting on the top row of the bleachers knitting. She must be pretty good..she wasn't even looking at her hands. And sometimes when I watch reruns of Reba, they show a still shot when they are switching scenes of some knitting sitting on an end table. Oh and there's a Chicken in the movie Chicken Run that's ALWAYS carrying around her knitting LOL!

  3. My grandparents' first date happened because Grandpa had a new car that had something no car had ever had before: windshield wipers! And it was snowing, so he could show them off!

    Gram really didn't want to go out with him, but she wanted to check out those wipers, so, eh, whatever, and she went.

    They were married 72 years.

  4. Hi Sonya!

    I'm one of Lora's friends in NH...I love that hat...what is the pattern??

    I can't believe y'all got SNOW there!!! that is *wicked* weird!!!



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