Saturday, April 28, 2007

Finally some knitting

Gina this is for you. The Amanda Radiance Lace Headband is being blocked. If you click on the link the pattern is on the right.It was altered slightly to fit Olivia's head. I made it a little more narrow and just a few inches shorter. I am working on the beaded fringe now and it will be ready for her to wear Sunday. Here is a close up of the lace pattern. Sorry about the hideous towel underneath. That is a beach towel from a Myrtle Beach trip 15 years ago. Yes, I have a 15 year old towel. Maybe a few of them. The oldest towel I own is a James Dean beach towel I bought about 20 years ago. So now you know a dirty little secret. I have some very very very old towels and we still use them.

I bought yarn. I know I know everybody buys yarn. But I bought yarn for the Tote'Em bag from Knitter's Magazine FALL 2006. I saw one over at Sleepy Eyes Knitting and one at Hello Jackie I just love this bag. I will not cast on until I have finished three things waiting in the wings. Repeat with me I will not cast on I will not cast on. Do you think this will work? What if I start with the 408 rows of garter stitch? Hmm.


  1. Yay yarn!!!! I love those colors. Can't wait to see it in the making!

  2. Yes, I knit with those crafty girls, and those Tote'em bags came out pretty darn nice!

    I just bought some new yarn, too, so I feel your pain about trying to do the "I will not cast on" mantra.

    Happy knitting, my friend.

  3. Those colors for the bag will be awesome Sonya! Love them! Bright and cheery.
    The headband is cute too, I can't wait to see it on Livy!

  4. I just gave someone something knitted from a Plymouth? I think? Brushed baby alpaca yarn spun up in those two same shades of blue. Very soft.

  5. Colors are AWESOME for the tote em! I love the Amanda headband.

  6. Hi sonya! just stopping by to say hello. I always read your blog...

    do not cast on!


  7.'ve been properly brainwashed into making your own Tote'm! Love those colors you picked! Awesome!

  8. Everything is so much fun! The headband, the yarn and the beach towel story. We still have (and use) some towels we got as wedding gifts - 21 years ago. They are a little worn, but they work great when the "good towels" are all waiting to be washed.

  9. I'm glad to know that are other old towels out there.
    John has wanted throw the old ones away but I told him that they still work so we will keep them :)


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