Sunday, September 23, 2007

Birthday boys

A big Happy Birthday to Alex and Hutch! As of yesterday, Alex is 10 years old and Hutch is 1 year old. Hutch got a bath for his birthday. Alex had 4 boys come for a birthday sleep over. Daddy was in charge. The boys had lots of fun, not too sure about how much fun daddy had. Aren't they cute? Alex let Hutch wear the better birthday hat. I cut the top of the photo off. The pink hat is an old b-day hat of Olivia's. It says princess.


  1. Oh, how sweet!!!! Gosh they grow up so fast. Happy b-day to both, hope daddy got to rest today. :) He is a good man.

  2. How'd you get a photo of two kids and neither one of them's giving the other bunny ears? What's your secret?!

  3. awwwww :) How adorable. Yeah, the kid too ;)

    Happy Birthday Alex! :)

    Did Dad survive? I hid in the house all day Saturday and let hubby moderate the umpteen million boys in my yard (evil laugh)

    Have a wonderful day!!

  4. Happy Birthday Alex and Hutch!!!

    What?! You gave Hutch a bath for his b-day, not a good b-day gift mom lol!

    Give John a pat on the back for me, and tell him I'm glad he's still alive :)

  5. Happy, Happy Birthday!!! Where's the knitting?

  6. Cute birthday boys - Happy Days to both!

  7. OH, so cute. Hope they had a nice birthday, I love seeing pics of the kids.

    Hope things are going well for you.

  8. I love the first picture! So cute!

  9. i can't believe he's in double digits now! that's insane!!! and so awesome!!!

    by the way, i also loved eternal sunshine...

    if you had it to do again, and you knew what would happen, would you do it????

  10. You know, there are some things that yes, I want to forget all of it.
    I would probably do things a little differently. Like figure out a way for John and I to have met 5 years earlier. I know that we are the people we have become because of things in the past. But some of those lessons were very costly.

  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Love the pink hat Alex! It's very dapper!!

    I hope John got a cake all to himself for braving a sleep out!

    Great, now I'm craving cake - guess I better get baking. I won't be able to think of anything else until I get some cake.

    hugs to all,

  12. Happy birthday to the birthday boys! That cake looks good!


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