Thursday, September 6, 2007

Dogs on Thursday

Starsky has some big plans this weekend. It should be a real hoot.

The entertainment factor alone is worth $4.

I have a problem keeping water outside for the dogs. At first I did not know what was happening to the water.

Now we all now why the water bowl is always empty.
If you aren't sure from the photo, he is splashing all of the water out.
Hutch is my fancy boy. Just look at that tail, don't you think it's fancy?

When I took the photo I had no idea that Starsky's head was in it..It is a little creepy. After all of that doggy fun and cuteness, something disturbing. I found this over at Lapdog Creations

Officer Accused After K-9 Dies In Hot CarTemperatures Reached 109 DegreesUPDATED: 11:42 am EDT September 6, 2007PHOENIX -- Authorities arrested a Chandler police officer Wednesday in the death of a police dog that was left in a hot patrol car for more than 12 hours, KPHO-TV in Phoenix reported.

To read the entire story please click here
I am almost speechless. I know that this unfortunately happens too often, but this man is supposed to know better. He works with the K9 unit, WTF!

If you are so moved click here and fill out a complaint against this officer. We must let them know, that the dog loving public will not sit back quietly and just ignore such actions. We will be loud in telling all that we can.
I know that everyone is human and humans make mistakes. But this human is a police officer and we expect (and assume) that they are good upstanding people. Police officers are supposed to be kind, reassuring, helpful and most importantly of all smart.
This is most definitely not the kind of police officer I want protecting my rights.


  1. Starsky and Hutch, hehe. Cute boys, and I love the pic of the water bowl - busted! lol

  2. Oh, Starsky!! Great pic! It reminds me of a Brittany we had who used to do the same thing! Water dogs love their water!! hee-hee


  3. Wow, doggie pool time in a public pool, unbelievable. What a splash!

  4. We had a dog named Kramer who used to "dig" in his water bowl!! LOL

  5. I was reading about the pups and it took about 2 minutes before the dime dropped: Starsky and Hutch! Too cute. They are as handsome as the originals. What a great idea! A pup swim...have fun. A woof from Oliver to Starsky and Hutch!

  6. GREAT photos... love the splashing the water pic! Cute Starsky! Don't forget to take pics during the plunge - too funny!
    Thanks for cross posting about that useless piece of trash... I agree, WTF??!! argh.

  7. What dumplins. What kind of dog is Hutch? Starsky looks like a black Lab. Both are beautiful. We have a pond and it took me quite a while to get Grover trained to leave it the heck alone. He is stubborn.

  8. Hutch is beautiful. What kind of dog is he? Starsky looks like a black Lab. Both are adorable. The pool party should be a blast for Starsky, but will Hutch get in?

  9. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  10. According to the KY Humane society Hutch is a German Sheperd/Great Pyr mix. I wonder tho....
    Oh we won't take Hutch to the pool party. He might have a panic attack. Starsky is a big slobbery blk Lab.


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