Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Tuesday night Knitting

was very lonely until Holly arrived. Four of our regulars were otherwise occupied.

Earlier in the day I had taken two books to Office Depot and had them spiral bound. Staples does it cheaper but there is not one in town. I thought $2.79 a piece was well worth it. I had a mocha freeze, see it in the corner of the picture. It was really good.

Holly is at it again with some amazing stuff.

The pattern will be available soon for you brave souls that want these mittens.
I love the socks. I was so happy that you could see the detail in the photo.

Hopefully we will have a full house next week and I will have lots more to show you.


  1. i am too far behind on the blogs, can't get caught up and can't write my own :-/. hope to get back to knitting soon, but it's such a drive that i'm not sure i'm gonna try it yet. y'all want to meet somewhere closer to me??? if she gets hungry on the way home, it will be almost an hour before i can feed her!!! i like what you got in the mail, that is cool! and i love the pink tile in the bathroom pics - altho i didn't get a chance to read that blog...and yikes on the 911 call!

  2. Sorry I couldn't make it, but I know you girls wouldn't want my cold :)
    I will be missing next week too, I'm going to The Killers concert with my cousin. Hopefully when I can make it I will have actually accomplished some knitting to show!

  3. Is that the cousin that is going to get you in trouble?? We are a much safer group....

  4. Actually, my own copy I work from I have spiral bound; I think it's a great idea!

  5. Great price on book!!!! Makes them a lot more user friendly. Those socks are gorgeous and those mittens, wow.

  6. I've often had my books coil bound. Reference books, well loved and read fiction and, YES, always my knitting and pattern books! They last longer and are much easier to keep open while we wrestle with a pattern or two.


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