Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Tuesday night Knitting

We didn't do much knitting, but we did lots of visiting.
Wait, Holly did some knitting. She is almost finished with the second sock.
Stacy joined us for the first time since Audrey was born. Audrey is about 4 weeks old now.
We had lots of fun taking turns holding her.
Look at that baby, she is precious. Lora, that is your mom holding her. She was the best baby while at the coffee shop. Hope she didn't cry during the long ride home.


  1. Awwwww what a precious little thing!!! OH I wanna hold her :)

  2. It looks like you have a great group to visit with. i'm so jealous!

  3. Awwwwww! What a beautiful baby.

    My baby sister's name is Audrey :)

  4. She looks sooooooo adorable!! I hate that I had to miss! If I don't get over this cold fast, so I can hold that baby, I'm gonna SCREAM!!!! She is beautiful!! I miss you guys too!

  5. awwwww, thanks for all the comments! i just love my audrey and i'm glad to hear you all ooh and ahh over her too :D she is HEAVEN! it was good to finally get to knitting:D


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