Saturday, September 15, 2007

A dishcloth and a contest

Look at this dishcloth.
Anne has an easy contest going. Knit this great dishcloth pattern and tell a little bit about it and you will get your name in 4 times. Suggest a cool name for the pattern and get a 5th chance to win.

Classic Elite Flash-color ? (lost the band along time ago)
size 6 straights (just because I was missing one of my size 7s)
This yarn is a little smaller than Sugar 'n Cream or Peaches n' Cream, maybe a light worsted.
8 inches x 9 inches
A continental knitter
I have not been able to come up with a name, but the design reminds me of the the safety flags used in boating.

This one will be the first to be donated to the "kitchen" themed auction basket.

Thanks Anne!
Added later: My Aunt Janet suggested "Pennant Race"
I think that is a perfect name for the pattern.


  1. Those are really nice designs.

  2. how about "Loves Dirty Dishes"



  3. I've seen something similar called upside down triangle or something like that. But "Pennant Race" is just perfect.

  4. Lovely dish cloth!!!! Makes me want to knit one, but everything I see makes me want to "knit one," that is why I don't have time right now to knit one. :)

  5. Really great washcloth! I'm still trying to finish mine. What a fresh color it peaches!


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