Thursday, September 27, 2007

Dogs on Thursday

Hutch is ready to play!

Starsky loves to chase the ball. He doesn't always bring it back to you tho.
This is their favorite place to play and lay. They love the cool dirt. They are between the garage and the shed.
Starsky follows me everywhere, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. I went in last night to brush my teeth (we only have one bathroom). John was in there taking care of the last pitt stop before going to bed. Starsky was waiting for a drink from the tub, his tail was wagging 100 miles an hour, hitting John in the back of the legs every time. John starts laughing, a black hairy tail ended up between his legs and he peed on it. I thought I was going to pee my own pants laughing so hard :)
Hutch is my sweet fancy boy.
Starsky is a riot.


  1. So glad I'm not the only one doing Dogs on Thursday! My dogs follow me everywhere too. Bucky can't climb stairs any more, so if I leave him downstairs he barks and barks until someone carries him upstairs.

  2. Give the boys a hug for me. They look like so much fun.

  3. Moose, our orange tabby, used to follow Chris everywhere as a kitten. Not now, he's too cool. He'd go in the bathroom with him, sit on the toilet while he was in the shower. One day Chris is peeing and Moose is looking at the stream, very intent. He reaches out, and bats at it. Chris peed all over the cat, but we can totally blame the cat for this :)

  4. LOL Crazy mutts! crazy hubby too, but that's a different day... like goofy hubby tuesday or something LOL

  5. omg ... TOO FUNNY!
    Great pics though!

  6. hmmm... peeing on pets... sounds like a new blog....

    can't wait to meet you in person - are you counting down the days?

  7. LOL Too funny! And I just have to ask: Is your husband thrilled that you're posting about his whizzing accident! LOL

    Nice to know our dogs aren't the only ones who 'walk' their masters to the bathroom!

  8. Oh that was a great post!
    I love the part about everyone in the bathroom! LOL!
    What beautiful boys!

  9. Oh, that is hysterical! I'm sure the dog didn't mind. For some reason, as long as I've had two dogs (and they haven't always been the same two dogs, though they've all been male), they've peed on each other on occasion. They don't seem to be bothered about it, not the way that I am!

  10. ok, this is soooo karma...PEE on, be PEED on! cracking up!!!

    love your prize pic below - cute!

    and man, i'm sorry i missed tuesday! looks like you made those cupcakes again - you are so sweet! ruth looks great! and yep, she is definitely going to have the best dressed baby!!! her knitting is amazing!!! i'm so glad you take pics! kinda feels like i was there!

    i will try to come once a month or something!


  11. I've read your last 5 or 6 blogs just trying to catch up with your life. Do you ever have boring days at the Casa del Skein or is it always so hilarious? Thanks for the laughs!


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