Saturday, February 10, 2007

Before he was a yarn thief....

he was a cute fluffy 10week old puppy we adopted from the Kentucky Humane Society . He joined our family the Sunday after Thanksgiving. We spent several weeks looking in all the local shelters trying to find that one special puppy. It was so hard seeing all of those cast off family members knowing I couldn't take them all. There were a few that left us in tears. Being a dog lover all of my life, can't remember a time I was without a dog or two, I was horrified by the abuse some of the dogs had endured. It just made me want to scream "Love and care for your pet or don't have one". I'm going to channel Bob Barker now "Control the pet population Spay or Neuter your pet". John, the husband, is a big Starsky & Hutch fan so...

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  1. AW puppy!! :) Funny how you always had a dog... I never had one until I was married!! At one point and time Brent and I had four dogs!! That was before kids though!!


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