Sunday, February 11, 2007

Fun with a capital F...

My online knitting buddy (Hi Paula!) led me to a blogger that organized a hat drive for Boston's Children's Hospital. She is collecting fun fur chemo caps for the pediatric cancer ward. The brighter, furrier and "funner" the better.

This cause has special meaning to Paula, who lost a young daughter to cancer. My two caps were knitted in honor of Jenny.

Same two hats, with three different models.
For more info check out the link "Minestrone Soup" under
Don't miss these.
Until next time....


  1. Those are great Sonya!! It's so good to see your beautiful kids!!! Miss you guys so much!!

  2. Oh Sonya. Thank you so much for doing these, and for making them in honor of our Jenny. She would aboslutely love them, and I'm sure she is giggling up a storm up in heaven at the so cute pictures of your kids and the joy that the kids who recieve them will have. I am not embarrassed to admit that you brought me to tears today. I am blessed to have you for an online buddy! Hugs, Paula


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