Thursday, February 15, 2007

Now for a long story....

A few years ago I met a young mom at the local La Leche League meeting. Since we were both there I knew we had at least one thing in common. We became fast friends. Her son was just a little older than Eli, so we would have playdates. She was originally from Seattle and her husband was from Chicago. A job change brought them here. By the time her daughter was born we were the best of friends. Her children were students at the area's Waldorf School. Parent participation is one of their big things, so for one of the lessons she had to learn to knit. I will be honest. I made a little fun, probably had a laugh or two. (I am rightfully contrite for my terrible behavior. We mock what we don't understand.) As the summer went on, she had knitted some really neat things. I became a little interested and was asking questions, she said that she would love to teach me to knit. Well, between the two of us we had 5 kids so it was hard to get the one on one time. We talked about it all summer, saying "what about this weekend, or maybe next week". The right time never came. By the time fall came around a job opportunity in Seattle opened up for her husband. With in about 4 weeks they were packed up and on their way. We both talked about the fact that we never did get around to the knitting lessons. One day in November of 2005 (it had been about 2 weeks since they had left) I was in Hancock Fabrics. I don't even remember why. While I was looking around I saw a sign about knitting lessons, they were relatively cheap so I thought why not. The first few lessons were very frustrating and involved quite a bit of mumbling curse words under my breath, but I was determined to become a knitter. I began working on a basket weave scarf. It was to be a Christmas present for her. The mistakes were there, but everyone said that is was very good for my first project. I sent it on to Seattle with the other gifts. She called when it arrived and I tried to get her to open it early but she was stubborn. I on the other hand, am not so stubborn, with her on the phone I opened her gift to me. Inside the box was the book Stitch'N Bitch, a pair of size 8 needles, beaded stitch marker and a needle case. She made the needles, marker and case herself. Also included was a beautiful hank of Manos del Uruguay in hues of purple. She could hardly understand me through my tears. I was telling her that I had learn to knit and had made her a scarf and she had to go open her present now. By the time she had her present open we were both in tears.
So, my friend Emily can take all of the credit for my interest in learning to knit and for all of the joy it has and will continue to bring to my life. Thank you Emily.
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  1. What a sweet story...I was in tears at the end!

  2. Wow. I wonder, did the sense of loss at having her move away provide that last bit of compelling you needed to get started knitting? Either way, in person or long distance, your friend did teach you how to knit: because she taught you that you wanted to. And that's always the most important first step.

    Very cool story. Very cool.

  3. Whenever I tell that story I shed a few tears by the end too.

    After I began knitting, I missed her more. I wanted us to knit together. Alison, I had never thought of it that way. Thanks!

  4. I say THANK YOU to Emily too because knitting brought you and I Even closer together too!! I miss you gals!


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