Monday, February 12, 2007

Can you ever have too many books?

Books are something that I have always loved. As a child I had some wonderful books read to me. Watership Down took quite some time, but I loved it. My favorite book was called The Snuggle Bunny by Nancy Jewell. I still have my copy, it is over 30 years old. It looks that old too. I decided one day to surf the net and find another one. When I did find one on a used book website, it was selling for almost $200. So I will continue to read the kids the one that was mine.
When I began knitting I was able to combine my love of books and my new hobby.
Some of the knitting books I have are; Mason Dixon Knitting (it's loaned out right now, but I know where she lives), Bags A Knitter's Dozen, Ponchos & Wraps A Knitter's Dozen, 200 Knitted blocks, The Knitting Answer Book, Stitch 'N Bitch & SNB Nation, Knitted Toys, Pursenalities, Modular Knits, a couple Vogue on the Go, and Vogue Dictionary of Knitted Stitches (from 1984). My friend got it for me at a library sale for $1.50. What a steal!
So you don't think me obsessive many of the books were Christmas & or B-day presents.
My family was happy that they now had something to get me. When asked I would always say "I don't know". Now I get yarn, needles, lite up needles, books and bags. There are still a few out there that I would love to have. One Skein Wonders, Cables Untangled and a really good sock book. When ever I get one I always sit down and read it all the way through like it is a novel.
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  1. Wanna hear something kinda funny but extremely awesome all at the same time...? I think I used to (or maybe still do) have the book....I loved it too!! ...Almost as much as I love you!

    Lauren Jean

  2. Hi Lauren,
    that is awesome! Love you too!!

  3. And what's wrong with being obsessive? Especially about knitting?


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