Friday, February 9, 2007

Drop that yarn!

Is this the face of a yarn stealer? You bet it is! It is so funny how dogs will figure out your favorite thing, most prized possession and steal that. Hutch has gone into Olivia's room and somehow gotten her favorite Barbie. It was rescued without damage, just covered in dog slobber. Well, if Hutch thinks I am not paying enough attention to him he will sneak to the only yarn that is not in plastic bags under my bed, and snatch and run. I have some of my prettiest yarn in a med.sized brown wicker basket. Most of the time one of the kids will yell "yarn" and I know that he swiped some. I'll call "drop it" and he will drop it and keep on walking like he was completely innocent. The other day I looked up from my computer to see a ball of yarn fly up in the air. He had stole yarn again and was playing with it.
You have to love a dog that appreciates the finer things in life. But he better not put his slobbery dog mouth on my Mongolian Cashmere (smokey mountain/colorway) ever again!
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  1. oh my dog would be so banned from the house if he got into my yarn!!

  2. my kids are my yarn thieves, esp my son... he will use it to connect all his trains and cars...

  3. mine will come to me and say can I have some yarn? I say Sure, then I looked Not my Manos, go find some Red Heart!

  4. Welcome Steph! Thanks for commenting. How did you find your way here?


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