Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Some FOs from 2006...

My very first hat was knitted for a wonderful little boy. Daniel found his perfect parents in cousin Suzannah and her husband Tim. The back pack was my first intarsia project. It is the Punk Rock backpack from Stitch'N Bitch. It was a b-day present for my beautiful cousin. (Hi Lauren!) This year she wants an ipod cozy. I made these cool ornament "cozies" for the kids to give their teachers for Christmas. The pattern was gifted to one of the yahoo knitting groups I belong to.
Thank you Judy Sumner! If you want to see the pattern and lots of other great stuff, check out the Knoxsocks link under Don't miss these. More to come later. Until next time...


  1. oh I finally get to see the backpack!! It turned out great! Mine is still unfinished

  2. Lora, is the backpack your oldest UFO?


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