Saturday, February 24, 2007

I know where UFOs come from....

Tedium- Knit one purl one knit one purl one knit one and so on and so on.
I am finally making something for myself. It has only taken over 18 months to get to me. I have a nerve and circulation problem in my right hand, from an injury 13 or 14 years ago. My right hand will be ice cold and my left will be perfectly normal. I have the 2007 Knitting pattern a day calendar and am working on the driving mitts from Sat/Sun Feb. 10 & 11. I really like the way they look and I love my yarn' It is 55% wool and 45% microfibre. The color is Grape Leaves. Which would make you think of purple, right? It is beautiful hues of green. But the 1x1 rib is just boring me to tears. It almost makes the brain go to sleep. My hand is cold right now so I need them. So I will need some help from you. Keep asking about the driving mitts. I need to be pestered and nagged, especially if I get the right hand done first. The left one may never become a real mitten .
Until next time...


  1. Are they finished yet? Beautiful color - is that Tonalita? I love Tonalita - so soft and nice to knit with. At least with k1p1 you can get your rhythm and watch TV while you knit!

    And yes, the coffee aroma got on the yarn and I can't stop inhaling because it smells so good :D

  2. Damn. I should have tripled bagged. But if you don't mind... Then... I wanted you to have beautiful brown alpaca yarn that had the wonderful aroma of coffee.

  3. So are they done yet. Just remember that knitting is an enjoyable thing and k1p1 is just as relaxing as k,k,k,k,k,k,k.
    I used to hate ribbing, but now that I've done so many socks I don't mind doing ribbing. Once you get the rhythm like criquette said, it's easy to keep going! Don't give up.
    Are they done YET? This was a LONG comment!


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