Sunday, February 25, 2007

Knitting in public..

No the driving mitts are not done yet. But they did get worked on last night. I went knitting in public. Bet you can never guess where. No, not the store or at a school. If you said in the lounge of a bowling alley you would be right! I went bowling for the first time in at least 15 years. Are you picturing that? You know it is not nice to laugh at people. I'll let it slide this one time. It was pretty damn funny. I bowled a 66 on the first game, and yes I was the loser. Lets call it my warm up game. Started to get in the zone on game 2 and bowled a 97. I really really wanted to break 100. But on the bright side I did beat John, he bowled a 71. By the third game I was getting tired, right hand a little stiff, too many flashing lights. Venus and the sun were no longer aligned. I bowled a 75, John bowled his best game 118. I have a competitive streak that rears it's ugly head when I play with others. It has even been known to show up during the silly games at baby and bridal showers. It is kinda like the Hulk, just shows up and takes over.

I will have some more knitting time later this evening. I am going to an oscar/knitting party. There is going to be a game tho. Wish me luck.

Until next time...


  1. OH I wanna go to an oscar/knitting party. I don't really care about the Oscar's but I'd sure love some knitting time!! OH I could drive to Concord today to their knitting group, but haven't decided yet. I am thinking of casting on some socks...but Lady E is calling me too.. oh what to do! :) Have fun tonight!

  2. I knitted in public for the first time Friday night! I was at a busy resturant, waiting for my husband. I knew it would be awhile, so I brought my knitting in with me, found a bench and knitted away. No one even noticed.


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