Friday, March 30, 2007

More pics of the FO

I found a better close up picture. The other picture is of Eli. I can't tell you how many times I took the knitted vase away from the kids. It felt really neat to touch and handle. The 5-stitch i-cord bind off made for a strong edge after felting. But it took forever. I had to seek help with that bind off. Most patterns call for a 3-stitch i-cord bind off. I was having so much trouble with it because I could not "see" how an i-cord bind off would work. It finally clicked after visiting the Possum.


  1. Why Eli, how green and wooly you look! What a cute idea - a vase! I love it - did you make the pattern up?

  2. Oops, guess I should have read the previous blog first before asking about the vase. When will I ever learn to stop being so impulsive?

  3. That is just too friggin' cool. Eli's so cute!

  4. Wow, great project. I like the picture of it with the knitting needles in it, very nice!


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