Thursday, July 5, 2007

The 4th of July, as told on the 5th

Did you have a small town parade to watch? If not, you can borrow mine.
Here are the kids waiting for the parade to start. Our across the street neighbor is a great kid and they all play together often. So he walked to the parade with us. His name is Nathanael, but if you ask Eli it is NickDaniel. They acted like it was Halloween holding the chair bags out to keep the candy that is thrown.
Right after I took this photo the camera flashes battery low and shuts off. I was so mad and began to whine, Holly knows what that is like, and the very nice gentleman in the orange hat loaned me his flashlight batteries.

Our very own Possum Mobile was driven by Ann. Her daughter in-law and grandaughter (who is adorable, no pic you will just have to take my word for it) were along for the ride. I think Ann should drive it that way all the time.

I have more but the rest will have to wait until later. Lora and I are heading out on the town.


  1. love the yarn car in the parade!

  2. Love the yarn car!!! Thank you for letting me borrow your parade, I needed me one too!


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