Tuesday, July 31, 2007

No, I'm not running a dog fighting ring....

But sometimes it sure looks and sounds like it. There was a request to see more of Starsky. Well since he has recovered (only a minor limp left) he is hard to catch sitting still. He is still struggling with even the smallest of commands so when he does sit it is not long enough for a picture.
Hutch is our fancy dog. You know from Seinfeld when Jerry was wearing the mans fur coat and carrying the European carry all. Kramer and the dry cleaning guy were calling him a fancy boy. Hutch has decided that he will no longer drink out of the same water bowl. After watching Starsky drink I don't think I would either, that is if I were a dog, I think I would be a Collie. They are just wonderful I had one....Oh sorry got distracted. Starsky will stick his entire muzzle in the water, slurp then blow some bubbles and after that he will stick his paws in for good measure. With water and slobber dripping he will go rub his slobbery wet muzzle on whoever is nearest. Sometimes it is me, but mostly Hutch. And he looks quite offended.


  1. It is so wonderful to see Starsky adapted and doing so well!!! Good job.

  2. Looks like some happy doggy wrestling going on in your household.... have they started racing around like your house is an indoor NASCAR track yet?? Ours even "bank" themselves off the couches.... ay, yi, yi!

  3. Like little kids going neener neener--too funny!

  4. you win for blogging the most (either that or i'm way behind which is quite possible). i would want my own bowl too LOL


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