Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Tuesday night Knitting

We are really enjoying the new place. They serve great sandwiches, even a few vegetarian offers. We've got something cookin up and it is just driving me crazy. I want to tell everyone. I tried to get them to do it tonight but I was out voted. After that it was no longer in my possession. But that will just have to wait.
I received a few birthday things from the knitters. I have really bad feet and Tabitha is worried about them. I won't go into how bad. Here soon I will sit and listen to some mellow music and soak my feet.
Tabitha got me the cutest little sheep decorations.
Just look at this button. I love it. No Lora, you cannot have it, your mom got it for me. I see it on a felted bag just for me.

Ruth is at it again. I think I have told you she is a Middle School Art Teacher. I hope someone asks what she did on her summer vacation! She joined up with a LYS's Christmas in July contest and has several presents finished.We love the strawberry bags. The black and white booties will mesmerize her little guy for hours.

Loretta is just rockin on her second pair of socks. She won't be with us the on the next two knitting nights. It's ok tho, she will be on an Alaskan cruise with best gal pal Jill(Lora corrected me Loretta's cruise buddy is Vivian).No second sock syndrome for Tabitha. She is turning the heel right now. The finished first sock is on the table. Loretta brought the beautiful roses to make our table look more festive for my birthday.
Stacy is nearing the end. Her ultrasound today looked good. The technician knows something they don't. But they don't want to know anyway. I say she looks pretty good for 36 weeks pregnant. Lora, maybe she will go a little early and share your b-day.


  1. 36 weeks?! I looked like that at four months!

  2. Looks like everyone's having a blast. Those strawberry bags are just darling!

  3. Those strawberry bags!!!!!! I love 'em. Wish I lived closer, you guys look like you have so much fun. I love the concentration on Tabby's face. :)

  4. OMG OMG Mom told me about the strawberry bags that Ruth made!! OMG TOO FRIGGIN CUTE!! Tell Ruth I said so.
    Glad to see Tabitha rockin along on her second sock, she'll be so happy!
    No no, not Jill, she's going with Vivian. Jills on vacation now with her hubby Brent (good taste in names eh? tee hee)
    OH Stacy is so dang cute all preggers and such (yeah she's cute when she's not preggers too) COME ON STACY!! AUG 3 is a great day to have a baby!! ;)
    I miss ya'll. Looks like you got some good stuff for your birthday. I'm working on your pressy so it's going to be a bit late, but you'll be happy (I think)

  5. Ok you are right. I forget about Vivian because she doesn't come with your mom anymore. I will tell her.

  6. Those strawberry bags are great! Happy birthday to you!

  7. It was great being there Tue. Night. Hope your b-day is the best!!
    I think Stacy looks beautiful.
    Ruth's bags were lovely.
    I enjoy knitting with all of you!

  8. Hope your b-day is the best!!!
    I think Stacy is beautiful.
    I enjoy being there with all of you.

  9. cooking something up? is this our new name? we need to send an email. i'm lost. i love their sandwiches too...broke down and had one, but BAD for the sugar level, so no more for me :(:(:(

    loved seeing all the pics :D

  10. Thanks for your nice note on my blog! I really really appreciate it. Also always wonderful to make more connections with another blog reader. :)


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