Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Tuesday night knitting/In my neighborhood

This is the very cool crib toy that Ruth has made for her little guy. She is going to stuff it with different tactile things. It will have eyes soon, it is a little odd without eyes.
Here they are the incredible socks that Loretta knitted. It took her a little less than a week. We are so proud of her. I'm next!
I promised a long time ago to show you a picture of the Colgate clock at night. Pretty cool isn't it?


  1. Cool! That Colgate clock is huge, huh?

  2. that will be cool that you learn the socks so you can teach us when we're finally at that point, in 2008 or 2009! ahhhh, the colgate clock, that thing has been there FOREVER! seeing that snake toy makes me want to finish my mittens! yep, my mittens aren't even finished...i'm lousy!


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