Friday, July 6, 2007

To have stayed blissfully ignorant

While out with Lora, I was carded. It does not happen often but it did last night. I said sure, but I will be 37 in just a few weeks. The server who was probably in her early 20s said that i did not look it. She was nice.
Well, when it was Lora's turn, I told her that she is almost 37 too. See Lora's birthday is just about a week after mine. We are the same age. I have been holding on to that for more than a few years. We both got married in 1995. Lora informed me last night that yes, our birthdays are very close, but that she was born in 1971. No way , that can't be true. I have made her a year older for a long time. How could I have been so wrong? That's a line from a song.
See when Lora moved away she left me with a bunch a young knitters. Most are in their early to mid 20s. Just a couple in their early 30s.
So Lora and I were the oldest. She got all my little jokes, lines from old TV shows or movies. We like the same 70s and 80s music. We were the same. And now she tells me it has all been a sham a farce. Well here is a big raspberry blown just for you Lora.
Oh ya, I am so sorry to have made you older all of this time. Enjoy being 35.


  1. cruised into indiana from the kvvs since you're on the itinerary for today. 37?! youngster! okay, i'm less than a decade older, but having entered into the "fortyish" category, i kind of like referring to thirtysomethings as youngsters!

  2. oh really sonya - everyone in NH knows that Lora is really 40!!!

    hee hee


  3. Geeze, its not like you made her 50! ha ha...

  4. well now that's gonna mess me up too haha. you will just have to educate us on all the shows by bringing us clips or pointing us to youtube stuff or something. altho, i'm one of the early 30's chicks! :D

  5. LOL!!!!!! Sorry I bursted your bubble

  6. Lol! Gracie Larsen, in my knitting group and the founder of the Lacy Knitters Guild and the Lace Museum, once asked me how old I was, six years ago. "42." She guffawed in surprise, and exclaimed, "You're just a baby!" She was 84.

    So if 42 is a baby...


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