Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Knitting tonight

Wow, look at Loretta go! Lora was helping her mom do two socks at once. They started last week at knitting and look how much she has finished. She is rockin! I hope I catch on as quick as she did. We had a really good time tonight. Look at the glove that Holly knitted they are amazing. Olivia is happy to model the glove.

Olivia and Lora together again. Jill is on the right. She came with Loretta a few months ago a novice knitter and is just knitting right along now.

My friend Katie led me to squares for Greensburg
These are the two that I am sending.


  1. Awesome pictures!! My camera was full last night and I had to put the pictures on mom's computer so I could take more!! I'm snagging some :)

  2. Help yourself. Let us know when your mom finishes the socks. I know it will be before next Tuesday. :)

  3. I wanna come!!!! What kind of circulars is Lora's mom using for the two socks at the same time?

  4. Come next Tuesday 6:30pm.
    I think she is using size 3 40"
    that is the size I bought, Lora is going to teach me next:)

  5. Great pics!
    Btw, about the doggy birthdays - with Lola & Teutul our vet us a range (few weeks wide) on them as they were both strays, so Lola ended up with July 4th and Tut Oct 25th (thought of Halloween - but that was just out of the range for him, lmao)! Zeus is the only one I know for sure...

  6. Thanks for knitting the squares, Sonya. They look great! Your name is in the random drawing for the pretty green sock yarn!

  7. Loretta's socks are fabulous!!! I love them!

    And those black and white gloves...oh, I'm so impressed. They are absolutely beautiful!

    Your pics are great..feels almost like I was there!

    Terrific squares, too.

    Hugs to you and Lora!!

  8. i need to try some of those socks too, but i think i have projects lined up for myself again hehe

  9. I missed you guys, can't wait til next week! WOOHOO, go Loretta! Those are awesome! I gotta learn the circular sock thing as well, if I can ever finish my first sock, I know pathetic!
    Holly's gloves are amazing, and so is that little model!
    Nice looking squares too :)


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