Monday, July 30, 2007

Birthday loot Knitting-wise

These books will be added to my every growing knitting library. My brother Jason and his fiancee Becca chose some great titles. Alterknits looks very promising.
They also gave me the med sized project bag and the neat case with yarn and goodies inside.

Holly gave me a gift certificate to my favorite LYS (aka The Grinny Possum). I will show you what I get. She said it had to be something for me. It's kinda strange, but I have yet to knit something just for me.


  1. Happy birthday to you, friend! Looks like some great knitting goodies.

  2. Happy Birthday, Sonya! I hope it was every bit as awesome as it looks. Had that damned 50's song stuck in my head all day, though. We might have to talk about that later... ;)

  3. Happy Birthday!!!
    That case is SUPER cute.
    And I know the giving knitter feeling. I am in the midst of two sweaters, neither are for me. And in the past three months gifts for myself include a scarf and headband.... hahaha. sigh.
    There will be a day when I knit something for myself... right?

  4. Wow, what awesome gifts!!!!! Isn't it funny how few things we end up making for ourselves? All the socks I've knitted and I only have one pair myself. Enjoy, I cannot wait to see what you get at the LYS.

  5. I think you should open a knitting library!

  6. That box is so cool! What a great project holder (I can't say bag because the box, well, the box is not a bag... lol)
    Happy Birthday!

  7. What nice gifts!!! I agree with Stacy, you may have to start renting out your books, lol! Hey, that could support your yarn stash :)

    And KNIT something for yourself already!! I see a purse with your cute elephant button :)

  8. I will bring the books tonight so ya'll can take a look.

  9. was your birthday??? I have been missing tons of postings b/c of the headaches. Arrh.

    Happy, Happy Belated birthday to you!!!! (BIG HUG)

    I love your bday loot and I especially love that neat case you got. That is adorable!

    Hope you had a great day!

  10. That is some fabulous b-day loot! I'll have to look at Alterknits next time I'm at the bookstore.

    Hope you had a great day, Sonya. Thanks for the link to Lora's blog -- I'm so glad that my cats just nap on yarn and knitting projects, not destroy them!


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