Monday, August 13, 2007

A brand new bag

This cute little bag is the Mandy's Candy Bag Knit is some Peaches & Creme cotton "Fiesta Ombre"
I dislike knitting i-cord so much I learned to do a simple crochet chain for the
tie. A candle is inside the bag right now.
These would be great in a solid color, white, blue or pink to use as favor bags
for a wedding or baby shower.
Thanks for the cute pattern, Amanda


  1. very cute! It would be good for small toys as well :)

  2. Cute - it looks a lot like the bag on the cover of Last Minute Knitted Gifts.

  3. I've not seen that book in person. I will have to find it and take a look.

  4. Wow, looks great, Sonya! I'm putting you in the gallery (and of course the contest, too!)

    Thanks for knitting it up!

  5. Such a cute little bag. Would be a great dog treat holder!

  6. That is such a cute bag! Nice color, too. You don't like icord??? Have you thought of getting one of those cranking icord thingies?

  7. My i-cord always looks terrible.

    Olivia has one that I got her last year. I never think about it.

  8. I like it!!!
    Definitely a cute way to give gifts!

  9. That's great! Now I want to knit one too!


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