Thursday, August 23, 2007

Dogs on Thursday

I have joined Dogs on Thursday so be prepared for some doggie love, cuteness and funny stories every Thursday.

Hutch is on guard at Fort Keim
We think it is really funny to watch Starsky drink water. He drinks gallons.

If you look closely you can see that the entire muzzle is in the water. Sometimes he blows bubbles in the water.
This is our first Lab, our first dog ever that likes water.
I tend to be Hutch heavy on the pictures, so for this first Dogs on Thursday I give you more Starsky.


  1. They are too cute! You gotta tell John, I love Fort Keim!

  2. LMAO!!!!!! That dog is a riot!! All in that water isn't he!?!

  3. I have a black lab and he does the same with water. I say he snorkels instead of drinking water. I'm a part of Dogs on Thursday but haven't had time to start yet. :) Will try tonight though because I have a great picture of my black lab with paint on him. He tried to help paint the kitchen cabinets yesterday. :)

  4. Welcome! That is perfect, snorkeling. Before he tore up his pool he would dunk his whole head to get toys out of the water.

    I will check back later to see your Lab.

  5. Oh, Starsky is just adorable with that water. I honestly can't think of what my dogs do with their water, but every lab I've had has loved it in one form or another. I've even had my labs swimming in a river in bitterly cold New England January weather -- they jumped in on their own and when they got out, ice crystals formed in their fur. They were unbothered about the whole thing.

  6. Labs are great family dogs! Do you take him swimming in a pond or lake? Our kids always loved throwing sticks into the water for our labs to retrieve. Both your doggies look happy and handsome!


  7. catching up here! cute dog pics :D
    the hat for becca is AWESOME! our hospital pic is adorable too if i do say so myself - you should see how friggin skinny my feet are now! SCARY about the house fire! man, that BITES! our friend Ed's house caught on fire and it's just horrible! you really do lose everything! glad E's first day of school went well. love the pic of all three kids! catch ya later

  8. Welcome to Dogs on Thursdays! This is my second week. I firmly believe that we can never say too much about our furry companions!

  9. Oh they are such sweet dogs very adorable!

    It is great to see a dog enjoy his water! :)
    Labs are such wonderful and fun dogs they have there own 'way' of doing things.

    Have you read the book "Marley and Me" yet. LOL, I was a great lab doggie book!

  10. No I have not read that book yet.

    I will have to get it from the library.

  11. Your HAVE to read Marley and Me! They have an audio version read by the author, if you don't have time to read. Even couple of kids versions, so my son has read it too.

    I'm joining Dogs on Thursday too. Never seem to have enough chances to post my doggie pictures :-)

  12. Welcome to 'Dogs on Thursday'!

    Starsky and Hutch are both so cute, I look forward to seeing a bunch of pictures of them!

  13. So glad you joined us for DOT! :)


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