Friday, August 17, 2007

The next generation of knitters..

Stacy, the cute preggo that you had been seeing, had a baby.
Audrey Lynn was born Tuesday morning. Here she is with her wonderful parents Stacy and Bobby.
Now I get to knit baby girl things. What to knit..hmm..


  1. OMG a baby!! I wanna come home!!!!!!!!! I wanna hole Audrey and get some baby snuggles!! Ahhhh I'm toooo farrrr awayyyyyy!!!!

  2. Congrats to Stacy... love the name!

  3. Wow, what a beautiful family. How lucky they are. Have fun knitting the baby goodies. Debbie Bliss has some great baby patterns. I just love the birthday crown. Your future sister-in-law looks like a princess. Lucky brother!

  4. Oh beautiful, congratulations all around!

  5. It's always amazing to see someone pregnant one day, and see pics like this the next! Congrats to her and the whole family!

  6. What a sweet family! Congratulations to them all :D

  7. hi Stacy
    yes, what a gorgeous family.
    Makes me want another baby....nah.
    ; )
    But knitting things for her and cuddling her sound great.

  8. adorable. Wish them both happiness and big hugs for me. (Even though they have NO idea who I am.)

    I LURVE babies!!! If I could only have them for a few hours a day, then I might have another....but, since that won't happen...I guess I just gotta ooh and ahh over other people's. LOL!

    Hey, check out your Amanda Shawl on my new Sleepy Eyes Gallery link...I linked you and put Lora's pic on there!

  9. What a sweet picture!! Look at all the joy in Mom and Dad's faces.
    Can't wait to meet Audrey in person
    Loretta (Lora's Mom)


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