Thursday, August 9, 2007

A WIP that is almost an FO

The knitting part is all finished. I need to find some ribbon to do the embellishing. I have some pretty beads that will match. In the next picture I show you, Becca will be wearing her birthday crown.


  1. That hat is just way to cool. If I thought she would wear it I would knit it for my daughter's upcoming bridal shower. IF!!!!

  2. How cute... I still can't believe you knit with crape (sp?) paper!!

  3. That looks great! Emma said she wanted one, I said crepe paper, I doubt it! LOL!

  4. Yeah, yeah I know, we'll see. She also wants a castle for her yarn dolls, a "Where the Wild Things Are" king's crown, some socks, a bridal dress, new hat and scarf....hello, mommy is NOT a knitting machine! :)


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