Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Tuesday night Knitting

I frogged the blue stockinette seed stitch sweater. Ruth and Tabitha tried to talk me out of it. Just rip out to the offending round they said. That was not good enough for me. I had about 9 inches finished. I need to learn to acknowledge when I am too tired to knit. I knit an entire round out of order. It was not noticeable until several more rounds were finished. So when I saw the mess up yesterday morning I spent most of the day pissed off. I was having second thoughts about the sizing, it seemed too snug when I tried it on her. I read the article in Knitting Daily about ease in garments. I actually was able to figure out some of the knitting math that has always eluded me. I had cast on 100 stitches, I was getting 4.5 stitches per inch. Another 10 stitches will give the room needed, so I will be casting on 110 stitches. This is a big deal for me, gauge and the need to swatch has never really clicked for me.
Loretta finished up the toes on her socks, Tabitha worked on a box stitch baby blanket. She left a little early to go out on the town with her cousin. Holly knit on mittens of her own design. They are incredible. I will let you know as soon as her design is available. No photos of Tuesday night knitting this week. I have been taking lots of photos for my KVVS and needed to charge the batteries. Olivia's sweater will be put in time out for a few days.


  1. :sigh: I just love sitting at the frog pond. I frogged the 2nd baby sock yesterday- I was nearly finished with the gusset part too, dammit.

    I haven't been knitting long enough to not frog the whole thing and start over. (not smart enough to know when my stitches are facing the right way, etc)

    Hope you have a wonderful day! :)


  2. Sometimes you've just got to be brave and frog away! Can't wait to see how the sweater knits up.

  3. Don't you just hate it!!! I know it isn't right and I know it doesn't make sense. Sometimes froggin just feels good, like revenge. Whereas tinking, well it is more like when your mother would tell you to tell your sister you are sorry for pulling her hair. You are trying to fix it but still mad as H###!!!! Have a good one.

  4. OH I'm going to have to tell Laurin to come read about your frog pond adventure! LMAO!! She'll love it.
    gauge?? what??

  5. yikes about the books. heartwalk looked fun and quit frogging!!! :D

  6. Glad to have you here Stacy!
    You know I frog right and left.

  7. You'll get it worked out this next time around and it will fit her better too! But your not allowed to FROG it again!

  8. Hi, Try to think of frogging as a positive thing. Taking out what is incorrect will allow you to do it right and make you proud of yourself. Think of the fun it is to knit and now you have more of it to do! Well....I didn't say it it always worked...just maybe once in awhile....when you only have a small amount done...you know...never really has worked for me...sigh...

  9. I never mind frogging. If you're not enjoying it, then put the yarn to other use! One thing that has helped me is using "life lines" in my knitting. Then if I have to do some frogging, I don't have to rip out the whole thing.


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