Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Tuesday night Knitting

Just a few of us again this week. Loretta, Holly and I.
Loretta is on the toes of her third pair of socks. She had lots of great stories to tell about her Alaskan adventure. One of the nights on the ship they had a chocolate buffet. It sounded just incredible.

Holly is nearly finished with the second sock, knitted out of Panda Cotton. She also brought her new book. I looked through it and it has some wonderful things. My friend Lora
knitted a beaded box from a pattern written by the same author.
I actually have something to show for Tuesday night knitting. This is the beginning of a sweater/shirt for Olivia. I am working from a stitch pattern that I really like. It is "stockinette seed stitch". Ruth says it is probably already out there somewhere, but for now she wrote it up for some baby things she had knitted. So no real pattern. When I get to the sleeves I will have to look at some patterns and find sleeves that I like. I will have to do the same thing when it come to the neck.
Just so ya'll know, I did NOT do a gauge swatch. I know, I know you think I would have learned. But no. So here's to hoping it fits.


  1. wow mom's socks are looking good! holly is going to have fun with that book. I still haven't done anything out of it! LOL
    OH A sweater!! I need to tackle a sweater one day.

  2. Yeah, I know it is bad, I HATE, LOATH, DESPISE gauge swatches. No patience I guess. I just wanna get to knittin.

  3. Loretta is a sock makin' machine! Holly we already know is too! I love the sweater, it's gonna look cute on her. I'll cross my fingers for ya on the fit, cause I know how that goes, I refuse to gauge swatches too. :)

  4. sonya, yes you DO need to get to SAFF in Asheville in Oct '08! that would be so fun!

    did I tell ya I found a knitting group here? YAY!! I am so glad that I don't have to be a lonesome knitter anymore, Jana

  5. No, I am so glad. A knitting group changes everything. You will love it! Hey I could do that, I bet. The family could make a weekend of it. I will keep that in mind for next time.

  6. oooops. No that is my second pair.
    What was I thinking. I did make one small one when I went to Lora's. Does that count? I would like to have the pattern for the stitch on Olivia's sweater sometime.


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