Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A scare in my neighborhood

I was out shopping today with my mom and nephew when I got a scary phone call. There was a house fire just two house away from ours. Lots of smoke and flames out the windows. The worst of it was over by the time I returned home. The L-shaped shotgun house is a total loss. Something was left unattended on the stove. The one person home got out safely. The Fire Chief told me that he was very concerned because of the closeness of the neighboring houses. John has found some debris in the backyard, and both side yards. He is going to check the garage roof tomorrow. The High today was 98,(tomorrow is supposed to be 100) so the firefighters had to be very careful. They had extra firefighters on hand to rotate them out so they could take a break.
We only know a few of our neighbors, this family was not one of them.
I was worried about the dogs out in the backyard. The last photo was taken from the backyard.

Added later- I did not take any photos of the house. The firetrucks and ambulance said enough. I felt like it would be wrong.


  1. Oh My what a scary event.
    I am glad everyone is okay.

    Welcome to Dogs on Thursday!
    I added your name to the Dogs Thursday site blog roll.
    Your pooches are adorable and I love their names!

    P.S. Great knitting stuff too!

  2. (Shiver.) Our big Oakland Hills fire in this area, ten years ago, was a small thing during fire season (ie after no rain for five months) that they thought they'd gotten out. A few embers on a steep hillside escaped under the dryness, the high heat, the dead vegetation, and high wind conditions the next day, and destroyed many, many homes. I'm glad you guys are being careful. And that you don't live in California, with that fire that close.

  3. Wow, that would really be scary. That kind of phone call would freak me out. Thankfully no one was injured. Those poor firefighters!!! Here in Bowling Green it is supposed to be 103 today. That isn't counting the heat index. We gotta have some rain.

  4. Virtual Vacation Swap HostAugust 23, 2007 at 6:48 AM

    Scary indeed. It's a shame about the house, but I'm glad to hear no that one was hurt.

  5. That is terrible! I'm glad everyone is alright though.

  6. Oh my gosh... I'm glad everyone is okay!


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